Sunday, January 24, 2010

Favorite girls visit

Little Izzy is gorgeous and big sister Abz is taking good care of her.  Izzy seems very contented with life and tends to ignore everyone by sleeping through minor details like visits.  Apart from the little mewing sounds she makes while hunting rabbits or what ever babies do while dreaming she is happy to get a cuddle from anyone!!!

She did wake up a couple of time and said FEED ME but that was it.  

I dont know what she was thinking of here but it did bring a smile to her face.

Once Izzy had gone home Abz was able to put the stool up so that Dash could check out the details of life outside through the window.

Sunday morning saw us up and about after a late night and on the way to the shop we found the old Motte up near the church. Like all of Thorne the area is not used to its best advantage.  Thorne itself has a dreary feel to it and like the motte area is neglected and somewhat run down.

However the motte is just right for climbing up and is quite high as you can see.  It is best to use the steps to get to the top.  These are on the right cos if you climb up the side of the mound you will get your jeans dirty from going on hands and knees.  Won't you Abz!!!

There is a large board on site and it gives you the history and a couple of pictures of how it used to look.

After the motte we got to the shop to buy the necessary items for Welsh Cakes.  This was done after lunch and some are left for a visit on Tuesday from Harry and Chris.

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