Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Weather Forecast- Mini Tornado heading for home

Before I went into the marina I took a couple of photos for Tim.  The idea being that these will be used for his blog where he will give the history of his time on board Quiescence. I don't know what has happened to the pic.  It was OK when it left the laptop 

Come Saturday lunch time I was all ready for visitors.  My super sonic mini tornado was coming for the rest of the weekend.

Soon afterwards and a cup of tea later dinner arrives in the persons of Ian and George.  The dinner has been made by Ians fair hand is the favourite of both myself and Abz - Stew and dumplings.

Not only was dinner brought but also a birthday present for Abz. She is of an age now that she is well into make-up and the package was full of make-up and a glittery Abz was the end result.

For the rest of the evening we are kept amused by Abz and the DS.  We have two DS's.  Abz and one that I had bought to play games with her.  The one that I had purchased is a DSi.  The only other that they had for sale was pink.  By no stretch of imagination can I be classed as a pink person and as the only black one was a DSi that is what I ended up with.  A good buy nonetheless for there are a couple of extra programs that delight Abz. The things that she does with photos taken with the DS via the morphing is a wonder to behold :-)

It is not just the DS that was well used while Abz was here.  She finds her way around the internet with ease and is very savvy about the sites that she can use with safety.  I found out a lot about make-up with some of the places she went to today.

On Sunday we took a walk around Thorne.  The first place to visit was the park.  This is a delightful place to be in summer but during the winter is rather bleak.  However the ducks are always glad to see you.

The play area is getting rather small for Abz now but a swing is a swing for all that.

A letter was written recently to the local paper complaining of the disregard that dog owners here have for others.  Dog mess every where.  The Park is not exempt for while we were there a white pit bull type was doing its business while the proud owner looked on.  In general I guess a pit bull type dog goes with a certain type of owner.  Need I say more. 

On the way back to the boat we walked down the little pedestrian precinct and found some bikes floating about.  Ideal for climbing on but got a complaint - with a grin - where are the peddles.

Late in the morning we moved on to the Blue Water Marina – slowly.  The pedestrian footbridge – yet again – isn’t working properly.  When the key is put in and turned the light doesn't start flashing as it should and the gates can’t be closed nor the bridge opened. After much muttering of expletives and a good kick at the bridge it comes to life and works.  The last time I went through it was playing up to such a degree that there was someone stationed there to keep it going.  After this long a time the bridge should have been fixed but the council seemed to be unable to get it right.

Into the marina and this time I am some way along the inside.  The last boat went in OK but this time there is little room for lining up but in we go – just.  The mooring is so tight that I can’t put fenders down on both sides.  At least the boat isn’t going to move a deal now.

Everyone has now gone and Ian has taken Dash with him for a holiday while I do some visiting. He made a great addition to the boat and I will be glad to see him back.

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