Thursday, December 3, 2009

A right drip of a day.  The weather is varying from rain to drizzle and back to rain.  Hung about for a while to see if it could make up its mind.

In the end decided to move half a mile or so downstream to Jackson Bridge from where Morrisons is a short walk away.

However when we got there (its the bridge with what looks like a terraced stage) we found that it was close to a bridge and near a bend.  Good enough for one boat but might get in the way of larger traffic if two moored up.

Keep going.

A few miles further on we pass Kellingley Collery.  There is plenty of evidence here of how coal would be sent off to the power stations with a dozen barges moored up along the wharf.

Finally arrived at the Jolly Miller moorings. Ferrybridge C power station looms large on the horizon. I did put it down as the Jolly Angler but perhaps that was just wishful thinking. 

Walked into Low Eggborough with Tim and the dogs.  Ten - fifteen minutes walk and there is another pub, post office and Spar shop.  There is also a railway station here if you need a quick departure.

I must thank Mr T for telling me that the bridge at Barnby Dun is out of action due to hydraulic problems.  One place to find out automatically about stoppages is the Waterscape site which will send an email every time the list is updated.  The last one I got was that Thorne lock will be closed Dec 9 - Dec 10. Go to if you want to sign up for the email alerts.

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