Thursday, September 17, 2009

You don't know what you have till you say goodbye

A chaotic week that was brightened by an quick visit from Abz.

As usual I didn't have time to think and was run ragged by her unlimited energy.

To fill in time we visited the Arboretum in Lincoln. If you are visiting the city then this is a good place to chill out for a while. The cafe at the entrance to the park is very good value and no attempt at all is made to over-charge on drinks and ice cream. A new experience.

In the midst of the park is the maze which needs running around for ages to find the centre.

There is a large Victorian lion that is just too big to be climbed upon.

But on the steps up to the play area there are a couple that make a nice seat.

Don't fall in to what would have been a cooling dip on a rather hot day.

At the top of the Arboretum is the play area. Not a great deal for the eight almost nine year old but it is tiring getting there :-)

A trip afterwards through the lock at Stamp End and down to Washingborough. A quiet mooring that gives access to the Water Rail Way and the blackberry bushes along the route.

While we we here we had a visit from Syd and Heidi. Presents for Abz and Abz took the photo but didn't think Syd was photogenic enough to be recorded.

Heidi took time to make a tiara out of a head band that Abz had been bought.

OK I am off then.

Well maybe not.

Just getting ready for the trip back to Lincoln this afternoon. Abz took the opportunity to take loads of photos of me moving the boat.

We found a natural play area with what was named the Climbing Tree'

A lot of time was taken up with recording the winning of a race by Barbie with the race and presentation of the trophy recorded for posterity

And the end of the day gives visions of Lincoln that can't be beaten.

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