Monday, September 21, 2009

Back to Bardney

Tim the sign-writer spent a lot of time lying down on the job. I wish I had the skill that he displayed. He works in the Bardney area so if you want your boat livery painted at an extremely good price just drop me a line.

The photo doesn't do the work justice with the light reflecting off the boat sides.

Stopping at Washingborough on the way back I found the owls on the mooring side making any number of crossings to catch meals for their young. Both male and female were out hunting tonight.

A number of successful sorties were made and the catch can be seen hanging in one talon.

That damn cat has been swimming again. The electric point at the mooring didn't accept my card and I was told that the one on the other end was OK. With Dash on board I moved up the pontoon. Later he went for a walk and as luck would have it another green boat moored in the previous mooring. The cat climbed in at the stern and wandered through and out of the front. Here he met the boat owner and he left the boat in a hurry and on the wrong side. Last seen swimming to shore. Found a bit later looking bedraggled and unhappy.

Further to the Lincoln booming sound. Caroline says "That is the source of the noise. When I was once a little girl, I'd ask my mamma, (sorry, broke into a bit of Dorris there) "what is that noise?" Twas my father who let me into the secret as he himself used to work at what was then called Smith, Clayton Forge, which is a little further down stamp end."
The buildings in the pic below show part of the Smith, Clayton Forge.

Just around the corner from there is Stamp End Lock and this is the view you will get as you go under a humped road bridge.

The next morning I was up very early and this was the view from the bow doors.

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