Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thorne down to Keadby less the bit for wind

 During the last few days at Thorne BW work boat went past. Spotted it later bit further down towards Keadby and it arrived today at Vasons Bridge.

 Before we undertook the arduous journey down to Keadby, (well it was hard to get ones backside into gear so to speak) I topped up with a gas bottle, some derv a length of rope and a new battery.  The new batteries work a treat and even without the engine running have managed an hour or so telly in the evening. Just a bit of wind so as there is more coming it might be best to get the trip over and done with.

 While doing the business a snake was spotted in the water.  Having not put a pic of one on the blog I thought this an opportunity not to be missed. You can just see its tail while it is hiding in the tyre/fender at the mooring.

A quick poke with a pointed stick (not really I just moved the tyre slightly) and it decided to move on. Its between three and four foot long.

 My first canal serpent :-)

Two of us are heading off to Keadby and the wind is increasing.

 Can't remember what this one is called but its an exBW workboat thats being converted on the canal side at Bluewater Marina.

 The conversion is giving it a nice shaped bow.

Mumble mumble discontent DRM.  I hate going sideways down the canal due to the wind.  The other boat turned around at the first bridge.  It is a bit on the flat side round here with nothing to slow the wind down. Can't say I entirely blame him.  Several goes needed to get off the moorings as I go down towards Keadby.

Fed up at one spot so stopped to make a cup of tea and get some apples for a tart.

 Every bridge seems to have a bit of open ground off to one side and the mooring is always on the leeward side to boot.

There are still a number of cygnets (13) on the run up to Keadby.

 Thank goodness for the view.

 Vasons Bridge and I am stuck.  The wind is so strong that I can't get the bows to stay out long enough to start the boat moving. Ah well at least its a quiet place to moor up.

It doesn't seem to be so bad really.

 Still can't get it to behave and after 3/4 hour work manage to get the boat to the other side with the hope of jumping at the bridge hole when its open but in the end can't be bothered.


  Following morning its even worse.

 Waves getting higher.

 Some of these are well over 2ft high and the crest of some are on the gunnel.

 Couple of boats have come up from Keadby.  Its quite calm there but the moment you come through the bridge hole the wind takes over.

Still bad and tonight its started raining.  If it rains hard enough it should flat out the waves and I won't get seasick. :-)


Naughty-Cal said...

Sea sick. Tis but a ripple

Ifor said...

It might just be a ripple to you but to us ex-navy types its too much like old times :-)