Tuesday, July 5, 2011

and on to Shireoaks

First I must apologise to all those who have missed the blog.  Its not as though Sandra and Rojer want to know why it hasn't been put on line but just in case you are wondering the internet connection on the upper parts of the Chesterfield is not very good. Honest :-)


 Moored up nicely at Retford with Asda only a few paces away and well stocked with bread, cheese and wine - that's us not Asda you understand. Decided that it was time to take a look upstream as there had been many comments on how bad the weeds were.

It wasn't long before we found out.  This was the second stop to clear the prop and as you can see it was quite idyllic even if the reason to stop was mundane.

The weed was worse in-between the four Forest Locks and outside not too bad.  However the depth of the canal did leave something to be desired at numerous points. The facilities at the third lock includes a shower which we took advantage of.

Meanwhile Dash was being Satyrical :-) and enjoyed the sun.

On the way back to Retford we kept leap-frogging another boat as we took it in turns to stop and get the weed-hatch open and cleared.

To try and help others and ourselves at a possible later date we took to hooking out as much weed as we could.  However as the locks filled the weed arrived faster than we could get it out of the canal.

Now and again we are lucky enough to meet someone at the right point so that they can let us through and close up for us.  We naturally do the same for others when we can.

 Off for a second run towards Shireoaks but going all the way this time. There are a few mini-aqueducts to go over at Retford but don't blink or you will miss them as you go through the narrows.

At the first lock we met up with the most popular men on the canal at the moment.  They are driving the weed-cutter and although they could spent treble the time cutting every little helps as they say.

The canal narrows down to very tight proportions and on the occasional bend the small keel I have keeps the boat heading in the direction I am trying my hardest to get out from.  Once or twice I end up in the weeds.

Back at the Forest Lock facilities and the several small boats moored here dont go very far as evidenced by the length of the weed growing from the hulls.

Up through the lock and in front of us - just to rub it in - is a weed cutter that isnt used any more. I am sure volunteers would be forcoming to train up to use it if the chance was given to canal enthusiasts.

A bit further on and damn me there is another one.  Three weed cutters on the canal and its so full of weeds you can hardly move without getting your prop tangled.

Its a boat house but not what I would look for in size at a canalside residence :-)

There is also a bit of dredging going on as the BW put down new pilings along the bank.

The viaduct gives a view of the trains but is what one would call impressive.

Awww.  For the donkey lovers amongst the readers of the blog.

Meanwhile the Moorhens and Coots are working on a second clutch of eggs.  Some of the young are now as big as their parents.

Getting close to Worksop and an old - what I think might be - pumping station. Any offers as to its real use?

Lovely old bridges but very plain after the serpentine cross-over bridges of last year. 

And at last the twin towers and spire of the Priory in Worksop.

There are some fine examples of the local industrial heritage. Not much of a chance to investigate though so you will have to be satisfied with a glimpse through the gates.

Random Pics

Found this in Worksop as we walked up to the supermarket. Hippies rule :-)

and this piece of 'graffiti' I found stencilled onto a lock gate arm.  Any ideas?

Now and again we would come across a splash of brilliant colour.  This doesnt do the spot justice.

A number of new mile-stones are to be found along the way and each seems to be dedicated to a local family. Lovely idea.

and finally one of the delightful mooring places.  This one is a short walk from Sainsburys near the Lock-Keepers pub.  Just the place to get stuck in the lock :-)

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Rojer said...

"Any offers as to its real use?" It's a sewage pumping station. (Google "Bracebridge pumping station")
Nice to see you back on t'blog. You've the most beautiful bit of canal in the country to see: Shireoaks to Norwood tunnel.