Friday, May 20, 2011

Donny here I come

Another of the BW work boats seem to have been sold.  One assumes this as the chap forrard is chipping the roof and I can't see this happening these days of health and safety.

 The 'Enforcer' Mark had been around checking up on boats that had overstayed their welcome and rather than push my luck decided it was time to more on towards Doncaster.

Its only a couple of minutes and its the Thorne lock.  It takes a little time to get through here with the swing bridge to be operated before you can leave the lock. Well going up stream at least.  Take care here as I did find a week ago that it is possible to leave both top and bottom sluices open at the same time.  They had been like this for about an hour by the time I got there and the level above the lock had dropped several inches before I had closed up.

In a wall at the lock is the above plaque.  Anyone know the story.  She must be linked to the lock in some fashion.

You trundle along and then you see something that reminds you of why it is such a joy (sometimes) to be on the canal. Ten ducklings all lined up on a plank of wood.

At Stainforth I pull in and moor up to make a cuppa.  Dash has a wander about but didnt find anything of interest so came back. nb Verity passed as I prepared to leave so followed up to Bramwith swingbridge.  As they held the bridge open for me I went on and prepared the lock.

Just a steady run now up to Barnby Dun and the lift bridge.

Behind me is the junction.  The New Junction to the left - route to Goole and Leeds - to the right Thorne and Keadby.

I decided to stop at the bridge and wait for another boat to come along and either share the work or pop through if possible.

However as the next and only boat this evening was the Humber Princess I decided to stay put.  Even though she is going at a very sedate speed she really moves the water about.  A little later the boat starts bumping again as the Princess enters the aqueduct over the River Don.

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