Wednesday, September 8, 2010

At Thorne

While moored at the facilities in Thorne, waiting for a space to be made for the boat in Thorne Boat Services, a couple of lads came down the canal.  The last time I had seem an outfit like this was in Borneo going up river. They carried everything they needed with them and camped out on the bank each night.

At last Abz arrived so I have something to do.  There was a long list of things that Abz had written that we could keep ourselves occupied with and as usual she is thinking of other people so she bound a book for a school-friend.

During the evenings the DVD player came out and Dash found The Wizard of Oz a riveting film :-)

On Tuesdays we took a walk to the park and found that the 7 1/2 inch guage railway club had their trains out.

They have several trains they use and a large circular track to use them on.

It is only 50p a ride and Abz loved the chance to have a go.

Back on the mooring the boat next to me had a very friendly dog that Abz took to immediately.  The cats dry food was just right as a treat for her.  For looking after the dog the owner gave Abz a banana which came in handy later.

One day was spent on a visit to Doncaster.  Bit of a failure really as we didnt find Primark so no new t-shirts today. Stopped for a picnic lunch in the shopping centre and then into the charity shops on a book hunt. We did find three new ones to add to the collection.

Back on board the books we did manage to find are soon in use.  There can't be many more Jacqueline Wilson books for her to read. She is getting through books faster than I am.  

At last there is a space in the yard.  In moving the boat I tried to leave as much space as I could for others.  While doing so I put the bows into the bushes and as I went to pull back slightly I spotted the brambles.  A pot of blackberries was the result and the banana I mentioned earlier along with a large pot of strawberry yoghurt went in to a very tasty smoothy.

A quick trip to Barton on Humber to take Abz home and the chance to play with Izzy and the new car.  Memories of Brmm Brmm and the sauce-bottle came to mind.  Don't ask its a long story :-)

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Naughty-Cal said...

Hi Ifor

Long time no here. Glad to see you are still on your travels, safe and well and still with Dash in tow!!

We finally took your advice and started a Naughty-Cal blog to publish her adventures and travels and share them with the world.

All the best and we will hopefully catch up again some time soon.

Best wishes

Liam, Rachael & Naughty-Cal