Thursday, March 25, 2010

Trip to Barton on Humber

I have just spent a wonderful few days visiting my favourite girls.  Abz loves being the big sister and is getting more out of it each day as Izzy becomes more active.  Izzy is a very contented baby and apart from the where is my drink, my nappy is full and I have lost my dummy there is hardly a murmur from her.   

I did spend an awful lot of time making silly noises to get the smiles and gurgling from her.  It was well worth it.

While I was there I checked out the creek that is nearby to see if it was possible to get the boat in to moor up.  At the moment there is rather a lot of mud about and I wouldn't be able to get alongside.

We did do a tour of the local parks as Abz is an expert on these and by the way she rushed about over the assault course was in the running to join the SAS.

Now and again she did sit down to get her breathe back.

Missing them both already.

The journey back to the boat was a disaster.  I knew that the train went through Habrough and that the train I was catching from Grimsby did the same so I asked the guard if it was possible to get off there so that the cat had some peace and quiet for a while.  Dash isn't too keen on travel by train.  Certainly the guard said.  There is a twenty minute wait and its a nice day.

Great I thought.  The problem was that twenty minutes after I got off in Habrough the Doncaster train arrived and departed without stopping for me.  Does the railway get morons specially trained for the job or is it just luck. I now had to wait another two hours for the next one to stop.  I did tell the guard on the Barton train when it returned exactly what I thought of his opposite number. It was not complimentary.

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