Sunday, October 4, 2009

On the Move

Getting ready to leave Lincoln I went to the facilities to do some topping up and emptying and found a narrowboat moored up on the mooring set out for the exclusive use of the point. In front of it was a cruiser with the crew trying to use the pump-out. With the wind blowing and little room to manoeuvre I decided to turn with the bows to the facility side. The stern is deeper in the water than the bows but didn’t think this would be a problem. Wrong! As I got the stern to the other bank I found some rock or concrete which clobbered the prop and disengaged the propshaft. Bugger as they say in the trade. I managed to get the boat alongside by getting off the bows with the centre rope and pulling the boat in to the jetty. Luckily for me the prop was intact and only needed reclamping and after an hour or so was usable again. Something else to wonder about as I move.

I left the leaving of Lincoln to another day after checking things out to make sure and moved back to the Waterside mooring.

I am not saying that Lincoln is full of scumbags but from recent experience it does seem to have more than its fair share.

Near the mooring is a carpark with a railing around it. Three drunks came along. This was at about 1700 so either they can’t hold their drink or they started early. Seeing a part of the railing that was not fully secure they took it into their heads to remove it.

I have now moved with some relief to Torksey ready for the tide on Monday and a trip on the Trent.

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