Sunday, August 2, 2009

So Far - So Good - ish

After lots of toing and froing the engine is tightened up and back together.

It is then slide back into position and dropped down onto its mounts. I will bolt these down over the weekend.

The engine started but wasn't very happy. The fuel system needs to be bleed throughout to ensure the fuel is right around the system.

During the afternoon on Saturday a not seen very often boat came into view. There was not much wind but he made his way slowly down the canal. It was not a total success as the Brayford Belle appeared and he had to get the oars out to get out of the way. Steam doesn't give way to sail on the canal .

Later the Sea Cadets went past in a whaler of sorts. If I remember right the whaler at Ganges had five oars.

Evening settled down and quietness descended.


Captain Ahab said...

You appear to be moored alongside the University Halls of residence in Lincoln? If so you can maybe answer a question which has bothered me for the 18 months since I moored there. During the still of the night I could hear, well I think it was hear but maybe it was almost feel, a very deep rythmic booming. Have you heard it and do you know what causes it. I figured it may be some kind of pump but I wasnt sure. ON the other hand, maybe I was just going mad!

Maldy said...

Well, I never heard any booming while I stayed with Lau (Ifor) but then he did keep me fully anaesthetized for my stay!